Domain Name & Website Hosting


BlueHost is probably world’s most favourite domain name and website hosting company. I hear only good and positive feedback from other entrepreneurs like myself about how reliable and friendly BlueHost is, how easy and quick it is to set up a website with BlueHost and how easy to reach & friendly their technical support is when you have to deal with them.


I have registered with BlueHost and so far I am super happy.


Team Productivity

G Suite is excellent! The day I started using Gmail for my email correspondence the problem with Spam and unwanted emails got  resolved right away.

I never loose my documents because they are all in the cloud and I never loose a paragraph of text because it always autosaves.

For all my projects I have Professional email account which is when it is not but, multiple shared calendars and documents with my team members. And it is super well integrated office suite which I can access from any computer in the world.

I so recommend you to give it a try. Every single product in G Suite is just great. The business package is first 14 days free of charge and it is so worth it to use G Suite for your business.

Get yourself a 14 days free account and then send me a message and I will give you a 20% OFF discount coupon! Deal? ­čÖé